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Summer Fun with Symmetry Stand Up Paddle Yoga!


Join me and the Symmetry community as we head out to Alameda's beautiful Ballena Bay to learn the fundamentals of Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Yoga. The lovely Nicole (Barefootliving With-Nicole) will be teaching this healing half-day retreat, where beginners and experienced practitioners will gain more balance, energy and peacefulness. We will start with an introduction to SUP Basics (paddle technique and turns) and then we will make our way out to a serene location to anchor our boards and begin a yoga experience that is focused on the elements of nature. Feel yourself surrounded by sun, water and sky throughout your practice. Enjoy a floating Savasana like no other. Following our time on the water we will have a warm Moroccan lunch (chicken or eggplant or soup/salad included). Don't miss this perfect Bay Area staycation.

Location: Mike's Paddle, Ballena Isle Marina, Alameda

Register NOW!
$110 Early Bird through August 12th / $120 Full Price there after
(Included: PFD, Wetsuit, Board, Paddle, & Lunch)

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Yin Yoga: Body, Breath and Mind
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Yin Yoga: Body, Breath and Mind

Yin Yoga: Body, Breath and Mind

Symmetry Health Center, Alameda CA

Harness the healing power of your body, breath and mind with Yin Yoga, breath work and meditation. In this 2-hour workshop we will focus on each of these areas directly as well as how they work together for a holistic and nourishing experience. You’ll learn some key tools that can help calm and balance the mind and body, de-stress and revitalize, and ultimately bring you to back to yourself.

Yin Yoga consists of long held (3-5 minutes) passive floor postures which specifically target connective tissue to increase circulation and mobility in the body, promote joint health, as well as stimulate energetic pathways in the body. Yin Yoga focuses on cultivating the more ‘yin’ qualities, which tend to get out of balance in our fast-paced, results driven culture, such as slowing down into stillness, going inwards and acceptance.

Throughout the workshop we will explore several basic breathing exercises that support our physical Yin practice as well as some that can be practiced on their own.

Yin Yoga is known to be a great preparation for meditation as it calms the mind and opens the body for longer sits, and the workshop will conclude with a lightly guided meditation with simple, easy-to-follow instructions.

This workshop is suitable for all levels and is a perfect introductory if you’re curious to learn more about Yin Yoga, breath work or meditation. 

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