Charlotte (RYT 500) has practiced yoga for over 20 years and celebrates the full yogic experience from mindful and invigorating asana (postures) — to the more subtle and energetic components of pranayama (breathing exercises), mantra (chanting) and meditation — to bringing the practice off the mat and into the world. Her classes are an invitation to get out of habitual patterns and cultivate awareness, reinvigorate through embodied movement, restore back to our natural vitality and peace, and empower ourselves with the embodied remembrance of who we are at our deepest level. She believes that yoga can open infinite doors of transformation on the level of the mind, body and spirit.

Charlotte first turned to yoga to support her dance career path. She then discovered its benefits as both a form of exercise and a means of stress reduction from her fast-paced production job. At the time she was unaware of why she felt so good after class. Years later, burnt out from a high-stress lifestyle and suffering from chronic and undiagnosed symptoms, she again turned to yoga for its healing properties. This led to a lifestyle change and a began the journey to exploring what makes yoga so transformative and powerful, including over 1000 hours of yoga teacher training. Along this journey she’s been blown away by discovering a deeper sense of Self and connection. Equally, she’s been humbled to discover the sacredness in the mundane and the power of acceptance of this human experience. Because of this varied background, she loves working with students, whatever their current relationship to the yoga practice.

Her respect for the yogic lineage and tradition as well as her curiosity to deepen her experience and understanding of yoga has led her to yoga’s birthplace, India, as well as to studying in-depth with various teachers and trainings. Charlotte currently studies Kundalini yoga, meditation and subtle body explorations with Kia Miller, alignment-based hatha yoga and pranayama with Richard Rosen, and a feminine, somatic, internal alignment approach with Mary Paffard. In addition, she has studied yin yoga with Sarah Powers and flow-based asana and kundalini yoga with numerous teachers. An inquisitive person with many interests, questions, and passions she is always inspired to go deeper and see things in a new light.

Yoga Trainings

  • Panca Bhuta 250-Hour Yoga Training with Richard Rosen and Mary Paffard

  • Radiant Body Yoga 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Kia Miller

  • Radiant Body Yoga 300-Hour Teacher Training Modules with Kia Miller (Meditation and the Mind; Kriya, Flow and Art of Teaching; Mantra)

  • Sarah Power’s Insight Yoga 100-Hour Yin/ Insight Yoga Training

  • Jivani Yoga 300-Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

  • Golden Bridge 200-Hour Yoga Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training with Gurmukh